Contains threads on equipment developed by the UK defence and aerospace industry, but not in service with the British Armed Forces.
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Looks interesting, a contender for Hunt/Sandown replacement?

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Looks neat.

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A few interesting points from the release of the VENARI-85 design...

1. The design appears to follow much of current MOD thinking, providing a very flexible ship design for future MCM, survey and HADR etc. The 85 refers to an overall length of 85.9 m; I'd be interested to see a figure for the design's displacement. As well as displacement other basic details about the ship (speed, range, crew numbers, etc.) are not given. This underlines that this is a ship concept, intended to provoke thought and discussion, and is some way behind the maturity of say the Venator design.

2. There has been a clear shift from the Venator 90 to a ship with a broader beam, better able to handle larger UXVs.

3. The BMT web site has a interesting technical brief available, which highlights the design has much higher survivability than OPVs and much better low speed manoeuvrability than light frigates.

4. A number of weapon options are discussed - but only guns and not CAMM. The Venator 90 design included CAMM.

5. These details have all been released a few days prior to DSEI - but also a few days before the National Shipbuilding Strategy is released. Could this mean the strategy will cover the MHC...

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If you take the BAMS family and the tubbier multi-mission design for comparison, then you'll get:

AVANTE FAMILY, the current marketing name
AVANTE MULTIMISSION FAMILY, comes in many sizes (like the above)
Total length

89.7 m

Maximum breadth

14.5 m

Design displacement

2,530 t, mission equipment has a lot of space reserved so only 3500 nm (a thousand less than the combat version)


46+12 p for the similar combat version, the dozen on top can be for boarding/ helo/ beach recce...

74 p, being that much higher must include the folks for the "mission modules"

Surprisingly fast (28 knots)
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