Project Crowsnest (RN)

Contains threads on Royal Navy equipment of the past, present and future.
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Re: Project Crowsnest (RN)

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Pseudo wrote:
serge750 wrote:Was that the plan all along ? temporary conversion of a few merlin to crowsnest then a unmanned solution ASAP then revert back to ASW when UAV in service?
If it wasn't the plan all along I'm pretty sure that everyone will be saying that it was now.;)
Oh without a doubt.

"Interim capability, blah, waiting for the next generation, blah, sustaining Britain's world class helicopter industry... blah, blah..."

Sometimes wonder how much longer we could have kept the ASaC Sea Kings running. Still more than a few foreign operators of the type and would have saved the not inconsiderable cost of upgrading the entire Merlin HM2 fleet.

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