National Shipbuilding Strategy

Contains threads on equipment developed by the UK defence and aerospace industry, but not in service with the British Armed Forces.
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Re: National Shipbuilding Strategy

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Thx, had not spotted that elsewhere (but then again, I did take quite a long holiday, away from screens).

Terminology used is a bit wobbly:
considering that " in summer 2018, the MOD awarded competition design phase contracts to three consortia" for the T31 and still design and build contract is expected by the end of this year.
- it was that combining of the two that let the rot set in, and what the new model is trying to address
- sure, there is plenty of detail design to be done, but the difference is essential

Forums like this help to pressurise the Gvmnt to be more transparent, RE Ron's " SJP's update on the NSS has been delivered some time ago but HMG were keeping it secret. Gosh I wonder why."
- but I agree that few reasons could be legit (may be Mr. Wallace's nomination of late, so that he gets to respond with some thought... and perhaps announcements, too?)
Ever-lasting truths: Multi-year budgets/ planning by necessity have to address the painful questions; more often than not the Either-Or prevails over Both-And.
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