Ground Based Air Defence

Contains threads on British Army equipment of the past, present and future.
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Re: Ground Based Air Defence

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Ah! I thought that we had only converted 4 out of the ten back to naval standard
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Re: Ground Based Air Defence

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According to Think Defence the British Army has a total of ten Giraffe AMB radars in service. A total of twenty four Land Ceptor units are to be ordered though only the eight for use in the Falkland's have actually been ordered and delivered. These eight launchers are sufficient for two firing Batteries, leaving two launch vehicles in reserve. Each Battery will also have one mobile Giraffe AMB Radar and a one Command/Launch Control Vehicle. All systems are mounted on the trusty MAN SV truck chassis, which is already in service with the British Army. This leaves sixteen Launch vehicles and up to eight Radars left for all remaining GBAD duties for both the Army and RAF. It seems to be generally accepted that the MoD needs to order at least another twenty four Launch Vehicles as well as additional Radars and Command vehicles to meet the needs of the Army and RAF. This will require around £250M.

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