Gun 84mm Infanty L14A1

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Gun 84mm Infanty L14A1

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Calibre: 84mm
Length of barrel: 1.13M
Weight complete: 16kg
Muzzle velocity: 160m/s
Weight of HEAT round L40A4: 2.59kg
Weight of HEAT projectile: 1.7Kg
Range Anti-tank (mobile): 400m
Range Anti-tank (static): 500m
Rate Of Fire: 6 rounds per min
Armour penetration (HEAT @ 60 deg): 228mm

The usual Name given to the L14A1 is the "Carl Gustav" "the 84" or "Charlie G".
Designed in sweden it was the squad anti tank weapon till the 1990's. when it was replaced by the LAW 94mm Crewed by a crew of 2 it was dangerous to fire having a backblast 30m behind the weapon.
For training it could fire a TP-TP (Target Practice Tracer Projectile) round or a 6.5mm sub caliber training round.
Used in northern ireland by the UDR as part of their boat patrols kit. For opening boots of suspect cars. It was used more conventionally in the falklands by the Royal marines against argentine AFV's and an A69 corvette.
Still widely used round the world and recently adopted by the US army with a new improved range of Munitions. Including HE, Smoke, Flared and HESH.

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Re: Gun 84mm Infanty L14A1

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The flechette round is a bit better than shotgun against UAVs (I would think... just need to take care in which direction you fire, at the end of their range, you might mistake shotgun pellets coming down for hailing, but entirely different matter with flechettes landing).
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