CRV(T) Armoured Vehicles (British Army)

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Re: CRV(T) Armoured Vehicles (British Army)

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The lack of ATGWs and masts in almost certainly a MoD decision. As mentioned above the former appears to be their preference for standalone platforms equipped with ATGWs rather than giving individual vehicles multiple options including the ability to engage heavy armour. As to the latter, we again as pointed out the planned replacement for the CVR(T) way back when, had a mast as one of the options that were being evaluated. In addition just because the MoD decides it does need something doesn't mean that thing is not useful and effective, improving the capabilities of a plat form so equipped. Masts seem to have become more common om platforms developed at the very end of the Cold War or after it, and those that have them find them worth having. The BA does not for its own reasons.

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