Humber Pig

Contains threads on British Army equipment of the past, present and future.
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Humber Pig

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Crew: 2+6
weight in action: 7,000 Kg(approx)
Length: 4.926m
Height: 2.12m
Width: 2.044m
Wheel Track: 1.713m
Max Road speed: 64 Km/h (Probably down hill with a following wind.....stopping distance would be interesting)
Range on Roads: 402 KM
Engine: Rolls-royce B60 Mk 5a 120 bhp 4.25L

Designed in the late 1940's as a 1 ton truck. Was given an armoured body as an expedient due to delays in deliveries of the Saracen APC. 1,700 were produced. With the advent of the FV432 they were declared obselete and relegated to deep war stock and some had to be purchased back from scrap yards and civilian owners when the army found itself short of suitable vehicles for Northern Ireland. Some were already in service with the RUC. Up armoured including mesh armour known as Kremlin some acquired side riot screens (The flying Pig) or became ambulances. they out lived the Saracen (withdrawn in 1984) and served till the 1990's

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Re: Humber Pig

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Looking for a pig in good running order. Can anyone help?

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