JFD Shadow Seal (Special Forces Submersible)

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JFD Shadow Seal (Special Forces Submersible)

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(Forces News) 11th October 2023
A four-man submersible that could deliver special forces personnel undetected to mission locations has been launched by defence company JFD.

Shadow Seal is lightweight and portable, electrically powered, and can travel 80 nautical miles on the surface or 25 nautical miles submerged.

The element of surprise can be the difference between success and failure, and JFD has designed it with that in mind.

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Re: JFD Shadow Seal (Special Forces Submersible)

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Nah go British:

shame we don't have more RM ORC / Commando Raiding Craft / CIC / SBS stealth boats / hovercraft / SBS submersible.

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