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VICTA diver delivery craft

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 09:02
by jonas ... ns-trials/


Further informaton added (- Beth):
VICTA combines the speed, range and capacity of a Long-Range Insertion Craft with the stealth and versatility of a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle. Designed around the operator, its 30 kt+ speed, 250 nm endurance and 2-minute transition between surface and sub-surface, enables delivery of 8 operators and their equipment to their objective ‘mission-ready’ before recovering them – rapidly and covertly.
Source ... y-unit-ddu

Re: VICTA diver delivery craft

Posted: 16 Sep 2021, 10:55
by GarethDavies1
Wasn't that in Octopussy?

Re: VICTA diver delivery craft

Posted: 12 Jun 2023, 13:06
by xav
The company are making progress

Also I learned this DDU can now act as a USV / UUV too (and I think they are pitching it for Wraith)

Re: VICTA diver delivery craft

Posted: 16 Sep 2023, 08:44
by xav
At DSEI 2023 in London, United Kingdom, British company SubSea Craft shared the latest development with its VICTA diver delivery unit (DDU) program.

Scott Verney , the company's CEO shared with Naval News an important announcement: VICTA achieved the proof of concept milestone during the Summer of 2023. In addition, SubSea Craft has started production of a second VICTA craft.