Future cruise/anti-ship missiles

Contains threads on Joint Service equipment of the past, present and future.
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Re: Future cruise/anti-ship missiles

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Tbenz wrote:Whilst some of the arguments made in this forum for cancelling I-SSGW in favour of FCASW seem logical and rational, it is hard to ignore the fact that every other navy in the world is procuring current generation SSM such as NSM for their warships.

If we had a greater number of SSN and/or a greater number of F35 equipped with JSM/LRASM or similar, it might be justifiable.

I don’t see howf this decision squares with Boris Johnson’s stated goal of Britain becoming the foremost naval power in Europe.
Meh, that's easy, just say: The RN is smart, all else are stoopid. That allways goes well.
Fortune favors brave sir, said Carrot cheerfully.
What's her position about heavily armed, well prepared and overmanned armies?
Oh, noone's ever heard of Fortune favoring them, sir.
According to General Tacticus, it's because they favor themselves…

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