Swedish Armed Forces

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Re: Swedish Armed Forces

Post by wargame_insomniac »

I wish we could learn frrom the Swedes dispersed deployment and apply it to our F35B's. Like any military tactic, we need to practice it to make it work and to get the most for RAF out of their STOVL jets.

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Re: Swedish Armed Forces

Post by topman »

I'm sceptical that a lot of these ideas are actually workable. There's a fair bit of smoke and mirrors in this.
On the face of it it seems plausible, but with ever more complex aircraft that require more support than ever, the idea of operating remotely with minimal support isn't realistic.

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Re: Swedish Armed Forces

Post by Phil Sayers »

The above point makes a lot of sense to me and I also think from a risk / reward point of view trying to operate a F35 from a road carries too much risk of damaging a very expensive aircraft on take off or landing (and of course the additional risk to the pilot albeit I am not so much envisaging catastrophic crashes as FOD or putting too much strain on the landing gear). I guess the counterpoint is that the USMC envisage operating them from rough airstrips on Pacific islands?

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