M777 Portee DVD 2016

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Re: M777 Portee DVD 2016

Post by BB85 »

Interesting feed back from the crews operating them in a real war environment. I guess if they will be remaining in a fixed position they are easier to conceal inside tree lines and under camo. You cant shoot and scoot 24/7.

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Re: M777 Portee DVD 2016

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Are the crews unable to compensate for barrel wear in their fire control computers? Sounds odd to me that they are proposing changing barrels more frequently for accuracy reasons. This isn't exactly an unproven system...

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Re: M777 Portee DVD 2016

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Yes, but with modern fire detection radar and UAVs finding who is shooting at you can be done far more easily and rapidly, with the latter possibly able to directly attack any guns it finds.

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