Royal Navy SSK?

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Re: Royal Navy SSK?

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SD67 wrote: 11 Jan 2022, 19:18 With PWR3 coming in and steam boilers going out,
Do you mean swapping steam turbine direct drive for turbo electric? A reactor can't work without generating steam.

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Re: Royal Navy SSK?

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The Russians developed a reactor that used liquid metal to transfer heat but even then they still used steam to drive the turbines. The PWR3 will still rely on heat transferred from the closed pressurised water systems that is part of the reactor to a separate closed cycle that forms steam to drive the turbines. The latter is cooled and recycled. The PWR3 is a self contained unit that is designed to last the life of whatever boat it is installed in, negating the need for costly and time consuming refuelings.

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Re: Royal Navy SSK?

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Can we just rename this thread "Royal Navy XLUSV?" already?

There is no future for SSK's in the RN.
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