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Donate to Keep the UK Defence Forum Online

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Hi all,

Until now, the UK Defence Forum has been hosted online completely free, however this will no longer be the case. As we cannot afford the site’s hosting, I’ve opened the site up to donations. Without donations, I’m afraid we will have to close the site for good, which would be a shame.

Your donations, of any amount you choose, will be used to pay towards the site’s hosting. In return, we can only offer you our sincere gratitude and a donator forum group.

Currently, donations are all made through Paypal so they’re 100% safe and secure. If you wish to donate via other means, please private message The Armchair Soldier.

Please include your forum name with your donation as we won’t be able to assign you a donator forum group without it! If you forget to do this, feel free to private message The Armchair Soldier.

Please also notify The Armchair Soldier if he forgets to add your usergroup!

To donate, please press the button below or scan the QR code:

Please do not private message this account. All queries should be sent to The Armchair Soldier.