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Re: Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 20:48
by Phil R
Garlath wrote:For those who (understandably) weren’t convinced at the possibility of radar on HAPS...

Very interesting. Thank you

Phil R

Re: Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Posted: 13 May 2019, 18:01
by Timmymagic
Bit of info on the Zephyr crash in March.

-It wasn't one of the 3 that are being built for the MoD at Farnborough, the first of those is on the way to Wyndham at the moment.
- Which means it must have been one of the prototypes, but it was being used for the MoD test campaign.
- Looks like unexpected weather or a little overconfidence
- Mechanical launcher by 2020 to remove need for hand launching
- Can travel 540 miles per day
- Minimum operating altitude in flight regime is around 60,000ft at dawn, after that it climbs back up higher (up to 74,000 ft+)
- Aiming for 100 day mission duration currently
- No mention of Zephyr T. Focus seems to be on increasing power and carrying ability of the S at the moment.
- They expect to be able to supply services from 4-5 vehicles by 2020. Not sure if this is Airbus' Zephyr as a Service plan or if that includes the 3 UK MoD examples being built plus 2 others..
- They have a second customer...I'd have thought the possibilities (in order of likelihood) are US, Australia, France, Saudi and UAE. ... sh-457412/

Re: Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 14:06
by Timmymagic
Not much coming out about Zephyr at present, no idea if the flight campaign has continued following the 'incident' or if they've taken a pause (or indeed if it was a UK MoD Zephyr that was involved, as that has become a little less clear or the condition of the craft). But Airbus' marketing campaign continues.

Interesting article in the ITU by the Zephyr Programme Manager, particularly in regard to spectrum allocation for HAPs. ... atosphere/

They're not sparing any money on the show sets...

And finally an easy to access resource on other HAPs that are in development or have been. Interesting to note that Zephyr in its S or even proposed T variant is at the smaller scale of things. The Aurora Odysseus has quite a scale and ambition, but could show the art of the possible. ... s/?slide=3