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Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Contains threads on Joint Service equipment of the past, present and future.
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Re: Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Postby Phil R » 17 Apr 2019, 20:48

Garlath wrote:For those who (understandably) weren’t convinced at the possibility of radar on HAPS...

Very interesting. Thank you

Phil R

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Re: Airbus Zephyr - HAPS

Postby Timmymagic » 13 May 2019, 18:01

Bit of info on the Zephyr crash in March.

-It wasn't one of the 3 that are being built for the MoD at Farnborough, the first of those is on the way to Wyndham at the moment.
- Which means it must have been one of the prototypes, but it was being used for the MoD test campaign.
- Looks like unexpected weather or a little overconfidence
- Mechanical launcher by 2020 to remove need for hand launching
- Can travel 540 miles per day
- Minimum operating altitude in flight regime is around 60,000ft at dawn, after that it climbs back up higher (up to 74,000 ft+)
- Aiming for 100 day mission duration currently
- No mention of Zephyr T. Focus seems to be on increasing power and carrying ability of the S at the moment.
- They expect to be able to supply services from 4-5 vehicles by 2020. Not sure if this is Airbus' Zephyr as a Service plan or if that includes the 3 UK MoD examples being built plus 2 others..
- They have a second customer...I'd have thought the possibilities (in order of likelihood) are US, Australia, France, Saudi and UAE. ... sh-457412/

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