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by FiringOrder
05 May 2015, 07:39
Forum: Royal Navy
Topic: Dreadnought Class SSBN
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Re: UK's successor submarines

I always thought the next class of Submarine was to begin with W but Astute class messed this up. Maybe some of the older saltier types could explain why W, Y and Z wasn't taken up.

S - Swiftsure
T - Trafalgur
U - Upholder
V - Vanguard

So B might be right.
by FiringOrder
05 May 2015, 07:21
Forum: Royal Navy
Topic: Trident
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Re: The future of the Trident System

"British [nuclear] subs must regularly visit the US Navy's base at King's Bay, Georgia, for maintenance or re-arming. And since Britain has no test site of its own, it tries out its weapons under US supervision at Cape Canaveral, off the Florida coast," the journalist narrated.[/i] The re...

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